My main research interest is numerical linear algebra and, more specifically:

  • Matrix polynomials and their linearizations: I am investigating how the classical linearizations for matrix polynomials can be extended or adapted for different problems. I am also interested in matrix equations related to matrix polynomials, such as Sylvester equations and quadratic matrix equations.
  • Quasiseparable structures: I have been developing fast algorithm for quasiseparable matrices, with a particular focus on the case where the quasiseparable rank is small but not negligible. In this case it is possible to find the linearizations of the point above.
  • Polynomial rootfinding: I worked at the development of MPSolve, one of the fastest numerical package to approximate the roots of polynomials to arbitrary precision.

In case you would like to see nice pictures, you can look at the roots of the Mandelbrot polynomial of degree 2.097.151 that have been computed using MPSolve.

Check out my publications and software, and a list of the next conferences that I will attend.