My main research interest is numerical linear algebra and, more specifically:

  • Analysis of Toeplitz-like matrices.
  • Study of matrix polynomials and design of structure-preserving linearizations.
  • Polynomial eigenvalue problems: analysis and solution methods.
  • Approximate rank-structures, quasiseparable matrices, and decay properties.
  • Efficient method for the solution of large-scale matrix equations.
  • Rootfinding methods for scalar polynomials; methods designed for specific classes of polynomials. I worked at the development of MPSolve, one of the fastest numerical package to approximate the roots of polynomials to arbitrary precision.
  • Fast methods for study, analysis, and optimization of finite element discretizations of masonry structures.

In case you would like to see nice pictures, you can look at the roots of the Mandelbrot polynomial of degree 2.097.151 that have been computed using MPSolve.

Check out my publications and software, and a list of the next conferences that I will attend.