Curriculum Vitae

You can download a PDF version of my academic CV (last update: July 2022)



  • Researcher, University of Pisa, Italy, (November 2018 – now).
  • Researcher, ISTI-CNR, Italy (April 2017 – October 2018).
  • Postdoc researcher, KU Leuven, Belgium (November 2015 – March 2017).


I am interested in the following topics:

  • Polynomial eigenvalue problems: development of structured and structure – preserving linearizations, $\ell$-ifications, and fast methods for structured matrix equations.
  • Rank structures and quasiseparable matrices: efficient representation of structured matrices and linearizations of matrix polynomials. Approximate low-rank structures for the solution of large-scale matrix equations.
  • Rootfinding methods for high degree polynomials. Implementation and development of specific methods for the approximation of the roots of classes of polynomials.

Check out further details on my research page.
My publications are (mostly) available as preprints on the arXiv, so you can access the content without passing a paywall.