Here is a (probably not comprehensive) list of some software that I have written.

This is a list of some software I produced or that I worked on during my research.

Structured matrices

  • hm-toolbox A MATLAB toolbox that allows easy use of rank-structured matrices (either HODLR or HSS). Currently under active development, but quite functional. Check it out! This is currently a joint effort with S. Massei and D. Kressner.
  • CQT Toolbox A MATLAB toolbox that handles semi-infinite Toeplitz matrices with a finite rank correction to the top-left corner. The toolbox implements the arithmetic of this algebra, and also handles the case of finite Toeplitz matrices with a correction, which can be handled efficiently within this framework.

Polynomial rootfinding

  • MPSolve is probably to be the most complex software that I have worked on. It is a polynomial solver that can compute an arbitrary number of digits. It has quite a lot of options and different algorithms/strategies implemented. It’s almost entirely coded in C and C++. Some modules and language bindings are present to use the routines through MATLAB, Octave, Python, Fortran, etc.
  • MPSolve for MATLAB An experimental MATLAB toolbox based on MPSolve. It includes the command mps_roots() to solve scalar polynomial equations. The package is compatible with x86_64 GNU/Linux machines. Notice that this is currently experimental, meaning that you will likely find bugs and small issues in the interface. Feel free to let me know the problems you encounter by contacting me at!

Finite elements for masonry structures

  • NOSA-ITACA is a finite element code aimed at the structural analysis of masonry buildings. I have worked on some of the numerical parts of the software, such as the inner solver and the modal analysis, as well as to model updating step optimizing the eigenfrequencies of the structures to match the ones measured experimentally.

More software

There are probably a lot of small scripts and programs that I have forgotten here. You will find the sources of most of them in my ViewGIT page or on my Github page.